Seat location in the wagon from Berlin to Prague

  • 26 June 2023
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Hi. Having difficulty finding the location of train seats.  I am booked on the EuroCity 379 from Berlin to Prague and have been assigned seats "Pl. 93 94, 2 middle, table".  Are these aisle seats that are part of a table for 4? The only seat layout I can find shows 93 and 94 as aisle seats but they are not part of a table setup.  Thanks for any help/guidance! 


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4 replies

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You forgot to mention carriage number, but this indeed sounds like isle seats at a table for 4.

Sorry. 1st class, wagon 262.  Thanks.

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OK, you can take a look here:

There's a seat map for carriage 262 and 93/94 seem to be behind each other. But that doesn't really match with "table seat”.

If the seats are really behind each other, and there aren't any better free seats, then the best is probably to ask the people on 95 and 96 whether they'd mind sitting next to each other.

Thanks.  I saw that map which just added to my confusion. Appreciate the help.