seewulfs miles run for this summer :D

  • 16 July 2021
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Yeah the anual summer trips starts in few weeks i will travel mostly by train as this is my passion and i already visited many of my stops :D

all starts on 07th August from Catania Airport to Palermo :D
on 8th August i will catch the Nighttrain (23hrs ride) to Milan with a nice ferry crossing from Messina to Villa San Giovanni

on 9th August i will travel directly further to Venice :)

the 10th August will be start of my Nighttrain run 😃 first will Railjet to Vienna to catch the new Nighttrain Bratislava - Vienna - Graz - Split :)

the 11th August will be spended in or arround Split and then i will catch in the evening the seasonal Nighttrain of MAV (the use yet modernised Coaches) to Budapest :)

the 12th August will be spended with traveling arround Hungary by rail and catch in the eve
the IC to Kosice to catch the LeoExpress to Prague.

the 13th August will be just a short trip with Regiojet to Vienna 😃 after 3 Nights on trains i need a break

the 14th & 15th August will be spended arround Vienna I plan to take on one of these days the direct Regionaltrain from Vienna to Selzthal as he takes a route that is only served on weekends by two train pairs 🙂 finally end on Sunday the 15th August in Graz
to catch on the 16th August the new direct coaches from Vienna via Ljubljana to Trieste and further to Venice for my second night there.

on 17th August i will travel via Verona to Innsbruck and catch the Nighttrain to Amsterdam (booked in my “low cost sleeper” called “Privatabteil Sitzwagen” Private SeatCompartment”

on 18th August i will move on via Utrecht 😃 and Maastricht to Liege in Belgium (hopefully the tracks from Maastricht to Liege are be back in service till then 🙂 )

19th August i will move on via Luxembourg - Brussels to De Panne (west Belgium)

20th August i will start with a trip on the belgian coast with the Kusttram to Knokke and from there via Gent - Liege - Cologne back home.

Still iam considering to sleep a night in Cologne and make a detour on my way home via Westerland Sylt 😃 on the 21st August.

Maybe i met some of you on the trains or at the Hostels :)

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Sounds like you are going to be spending most of your time on the train haha ;-). What kind of pass are you using for this trip?

I am also going to start another Interrail trip on 6th August, but don’t know yet my route in detail. In case I am in the same place on the same day, gonna let you know, maybe we can catch up for a beer ;-)

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A FIP Pass :) it´s a similar offer to Interrail / Eurail for European Rail employees :)

Here a short Wikipedia post in German :)