Share you tips for travelling with pets

  • 7 May 2024
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Share you tips for travelling with pets
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We've noticed that many of you have questions and concerns about traveling by train with your furry friends, and we're here to help! 

That's why we're putting together this thread as a valuable resource for all things related to traveling by train with pets. Your experiences, tips, and advice are incredibly valuable to our community, and we invite you to share them here in the comments.

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I would start with the words 

Traveling with a pet is a own world. 
Depending on the Company that operate a Train there are different Rules. The Standard rule small pets carried in a normal sized transport box are recognised as “luggage” and most of the times free of charge. 

For bigger pets it´s start to be complicated. From a own Dog ticket for the Route (price of Child but issued as DOG Ticket) up to a Daypass for the whole Country (eg. Switzerland) you have so many ways and rules. 

Because of that i recommend to plan your Route(My preference is the Website of or their App DB Navigator) and have a look on the train details and see which company operate the train. If you found out witch company it is check on their own website the rules regarding pets.