Switzerland to Italy - 2days

  • 4 March 2024
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Hi Team,

Am from India staying in Zurich,Switzerland, and have Resident permit.
Planning to travel to Italy by train - To Milan, Bologna, Venice and Florence on March 30th and 31st.

1. Should I take Euro rail pass or Inter rail? 
2. Will the trains be operational on those two days, as its Easter eve?
3. Should I take one country pass or Global pass? 

   3.1 If I take Global pass, i need not take separate ticket in-bound and out-bound from Italy?
4. Is reservations required?
5. Can I board any train at anytime with the rail pass?

Also Please share an app/website to check the price to travel within Italy, like SBB.
Is there any day pass which could be utilised for a zone/town visit via other means of transport like bus or tram/ ferry.

Thank you.




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For travel within Italy, check

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Trains will definitely be running. They’ll however be busier than usual so you should book in advance. There are extra trains running from Zurich to Lugano/Milan on Good Friday : SBB app has been updated.

Compare regular tickets vs pass + seat reservations. Honestly I’m not sure which is better value as I expect tickets to be expensive.

You may travel with Eurail as you have a non-European passport.

Here are 2 helpful links :