• 20 January 2023
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Hi I received the email for the delivery of the tickets, unfortunately it
says by 2/06 but as you can see the trip is indicated for March. Is it
possible to have either an email that allows us to make the trip or an
advance shipment of tickets?


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4 replies

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Ciao. THis is a general public forum where a dozen or so experienced travellers with lots of trips by train done help others, or try to. You do not get direct contact with customer service. With what you state here I can not make any sense of what you mean. You can also use italiano and then google-translate- if that might help you.

 Maybe, perhaps: do you mean you ordered Paper pass and got this message? Probably it means US-style: deliver by feb. 06=enough time for a start in marzo. About due semana/2 weeks from today. But from what I see all Italiano are always crazy about their telefonino……...

Those from US use other following for dates and also cannot count after 12: then its am and pm for 13-24 as 1-12 again.

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You need to give some more details. Exactly what is your problem? Where did you make the reservation?

I saw the date again and followed the advice to see it like the Americans do, i.e. written with the month first and then the day.

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Do you still have a problem? You must give more details if you want help.