Train and Ferry transfer in Denmark and Norway including fjord.

  • 5 April 2024
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Hello everyone!  I’m from Japan and would like to get your advice for my first trip to North Europe!

I’m seeking your advice for transportation especially in Denmark and Norway.  Here are my basic plans for now.  My travel is in June 2024 and about 15 days and thiking to get eurail scandinavia pass for 4 or 5 days. 

1. Start from Copenhagen to Hirtshals by train, 2. Hirtshals to Bergen by Ferry, 3. Bergen to Flam by train, 4. Flam to Oslo by train, 5. Oslo to Stockholm by train and 6. Stockholm to Helsinki by Ferry.

My question is regarding 2,3,and 4 above around fjord.  I heard that there is a tour ticket called nutshell but my travel plan is one way from Bergen to Oslo and I’m not sure if my plan is fit to the nutshell.  So does anybody have advice for my trip between Bergen to Oslo and what is the best way to tranport?  and also any advise how many days I should spend during this transport from Bergen to Oslo (one night stay in Flam necesarry)? 

I’m looking forward to getting many ideas and thank you so much!!


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The Bergen to Oslo train is absolutely breathtaking, my favourite piece of rail in Europe. So an ordinary day train your best go.

If you like to hike in Nature you can stop and book accomodation anywhere along the railway somewhere in the middle.

Norway in a Nutshell is basically a comboticket of public transport, not a real tour per se. It enables you to take the train from Bergen to Voss, the bus to Nærøyfjorden, than the Ferry to Flåm and the Flåmsbana to Myrdal, back to Bergen or further on to Oslo. It’s quite customisable and easy to book it yourself, this is quite good guide:

The normal trains (of Vy) are included in your pass, and you get a discount for the Flåmsbana with Interrail/Eurail passes.

I don’t really recommend staying in Flåm, it’s really tiny and not so interesting. In that period of summer there will be huge cruisehips present, crowding the tiny place. There are better places to stay, and in summer you won’t have any trouble to continue to Oslo.

So you should only book the bus, and ferry (and get the discount with Flåmsbana). All the trains are included.

Reserve your train seats via


Hello there! Thank you for your tips, especially about the details about Norway in Nutshell.  After reading your points, I’m thinking I don’t need the whole package but may be able to enjoy the trains between Bergen and Oslo.  As I arrive Bergen in the afternoon, I may stay in Bergen or other town around and travel to Oslo the next day.  Thank you again so much for your fast and good advice!!

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Staying multiple nights in Bergen is recommendable. Plenty to see and to do in the city, and a lot of hiking possibilities too :).

Only one night would be a shame. (I’m a bit prejudiced because I lived there 😁)

I see!  I can now also consider staying Bergen for a couple of days instead of one night!  Thank you and you are lucky to live such a beautiful town