train from verona to venice

  • 3 February 2024
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I will be there in October.  Right now scheduled to fly home from Verona. Would prefer to fly home from Venice.  What are the fastest choices to travel from Verona via train to Venice?


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6 replies

Verona to Venezia Mestre (mainland) is 1h, Verona to Venezia old town is 1h 12min. For Venice airport, you need to take a connecting bus or boat.

can you tell me what is the exact name of the station in  verona  I should catch the train at..and what is the name of the station I should arrive at in Venice? then to add to that is it faster or easier to take the bus or water taxi to the airport from the station in Venice?

Thank you so much for your help.  

The name of the main station in Verona is Porta Nuova.

The fastest, easiest and cheapest connection is by bus. But of course you won’t see Venezia that way.

The fastest connection is to go to Venezia Mestre station and from there by frequent bus service to the airport. Below is the current timetable to get an idea:

There’s a bus connection from Verona Porta Nuova directly to Venezia airport, too (takes about 2½ hours) - just a few buses per day but very cheap (from 5,99 €) if booked well in advance.

hi not sure when you sent a reply Test?


hi not sure when you sent a reply Test?

I did get two times an error message “something went wrong” when answering and all the text written has been lost.

Hector thank you so much for your help...Greatly appreciated……