Train is delayed, following trains cannot be reached

  • 10 April 2024
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If in a connection with several trains that I have entered in the pass, one of the first trains is delayed and I do not catch the connecting trains, do I have to reschedule or will the missed trains be accepted?


Greetings Gerhard


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5 replies

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You need to enter the trains that you actually travel with in the Railplanner app, so you need to reschedule. 

Thank you very much!



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If the train you're likely to miss requires a reservation you should speak to the train staff as soon as possible. They might be able to issue you another one or at least give you a proof of delay.

In any case I'd suggest not planning too tight connections before a train with mandatory reservation, especially if it's infrequent.

Do you have a specific route in mind? We might be able to give better advice.


Trains in Germany are often late. So for my planned route with several changes to Switzerland, I don't know whether everything will fit. So I'm going to insert the moves one at a time as I reach them. But I can get by without reservations. Thanks for the feedback. Gerhard

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Ah yes it will work fine to reach your destination. Delays are indeed to be expected and your train might terminate in Basel Bad Bf rather than Basel SBB as it has to turn around right away. Either take a tram or wait for the next train towards Basel SBB :)

I was asking for example for a journey including a Frankfurt - Paris TGV or something like that.