Train station luggage storage

  • 12 February 2022
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Do most train station throughout Europe have a place to store your luggage for the day?

3 replies

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Yes in general the main stations in big cities have places to store your luggage. But it is different from station to station or country. 

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There are few pages and apps that offer luggage storrage in small stores across the Cities usually one or two are near the train station :)

Luggage storrage on popular stations (destinations) can be quite full. For example the luggage storrage in Split (Croatia) is in summer always full :D

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Also-before covid, in AMSterdam-even before 8.00 mornings.

Note that-to the utter surprise of many a young person, many of these boxes want exact change in coins. Often there are S/M/L boxes with different prices. But otherwise others only want payment by card. And-also to the utter surprise of some, in quite a few there may still be a manual window with real working persons.