Train Travel in Albania. N Macedonia, Serbia

  • 20 April 2023
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April 23. VERY frustrating, no trains operate currently in  Albania and N Macedonia. Am hoping against hope that one route from.Podgorica in Montenegro to Belgrade might be operative so will.enquire this weekend when we get there


Message from me- forget trains, plan your route by bus. Plenty of those but largely demands on the spot sorting out, and finding where to buy tickets and the location of the bus station not obvious.

2 replies

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The Balkans (and Greece + somewhat the Baltics) are indeed not well connected by train. There are almost no international trains.

Use to get reliable info : there should be a night train to Belgrade at 20:00

Travelling by train is much better in the rest of Europe, don't worry if you go there later

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Albania is not included in the Interrail/Eurail pass. There should run trains, but very slow and only on some routes. 

In the Balcans sadly there is only a limited amount of international trains. Mostly they run trains only inside a country.