Travel charges to my Bank Account?

  • 31 May 2022
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Hello there! I am currently traveling in the UK with a Eurail Global Pass. I’m noticing that there a number of charges to my debit card under “TFL (Travel for London) Travel Charge.” At first, I thought these might be reservations, but reservations are not required at any of the trains I have taken thus far and the costs vary widely (£6-£30). Why is TFL charging me when I’m using my Eurail Global Pass that shouldn’t charge me? The only thing I can think of is when certain stations will card me in (as not all UK stations are up-to-date on mobile pass technology) that is making it charge me for an “uncompleted journey.”


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When you are not able to exit the station you have to go to the staff and not use your Credit Card to exit. Maybe this is the reason? 

Please get in touch directly with TFL how you can resolve this problem. 

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TfL has many, many different options. The UNderground (as the/en/ call the ´subway´ in US-lingo) is NOT included in the pass scheme-and its indeed since a few yrs best (certainly for the foreigner) paid by cr-cd-the total cost in 1 day may be limited according to which zones you used and if bus/metro used.

Yes, indeed, for the penny pinchers and dedicated railfans TfL ALSO still runs a few minor branch lines (named London OVERground) that should accept pass. It should be pretty evident to anyone with brains that one thus has to show pass to staff at gates and not a cr-cd.

I suspect you used underground, but you did (like about anyone complaining here) not clearly state what trips/ etc were made.