Traveling alone during holidays

  • 21 November 2022
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hello everyone! 
I’m Matilde, I’d like to try for the first time the interrail experience during the Winter holidays (from 26th December to 10/12 of January). I’d travel alone to Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and Lyon. The idea is to be in Berlin for new year eve. considering that I’m a 22 year old woman would you recommend it? I have some doubts due to the cold temperatures and the fact that maybe is not the most popular moment for interrail so i Won’t meet anyone? To be honest I don’t know what to expect!

2 replies

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All the places you are visiting are major tourist centres. Lots of people travel alone just use common sense and keep your valuables on your person - never in your luggage. If you stay in hostels you are likely to meet people of your own age. Research the hostel and find out how easy is it to get to the city centres and back and read the reviews carefully. Read all the sections on this site about reservations as you’ll need them between Amsterdam and Paris and Paris to Lyon if using Thalys or TGV trains.

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DO note that on the days right after Natale=Xmas and around Nuevo Ano=Nw Yr, trains can be very full. Staying in hoStels (with multi-bed rooms, but many also offer private rooms) will usually bring you in contact with many such travellers from all over the world doing about the same. Some hoStels also organise special outings and sightsee with the group. Check also sites like booking or for that. Buene viaggio!