Traveling from the UK-Paris-Switzerland-Paris-UK

  • 14 February 2022
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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well and that someone might be able to help. We are travelling via Eurostar into Paris, spending a few days in Paris/Disneyland before travelling to Switzerland. We then come back into Paris for an overnight stay before returning home. My husband and I are vaccinated and had Covid over Christmas. My elder son has had one vaccination and recovered from Covid (twice!) and my younger son is 10 and whilst not eligible for a vaccination yet, has also recovered from Covid.

My understanding is that, in addition to the above, we will need to show negative tests upon entering Paris from the UK but that our vaccination status is sufficient for Switzerland. Will we need to arrange tests whilst in Switzerland in order to go back into Paris to return home the following day?

Any advice is gratefully received!

Thanks, Laura and Chris

2 replies

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In my understanding no test needed (If you are recovered since atleast 11days and max. 6months or vaccinated)  fom Switzerland to France  but thats how I understand the current Rules. That can change daily. The bestway is to ask a offical source to get a approved answer like the Embassy of France or their health or tourist ministery.

Thanks so much :)