Traveling Spain by Train

  • 3 December 2023
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Arriving in Madrid by plane, and from there head up the coastline to Barcelona by train WITH LUGGAGE.  I need your help, the more detail the better.  Will be traveling with family (multiple ppl); all travel to begin in Oct and end in Oct (1 month). Thanks in advance.

Madrid to Alicante

Alicante to Valencia

Valencia to Barcelona

Barcelona to Penedes

Penedes back to Barcelona

Barcelona to Tarragona

Tarragona back to Barcelona

What trains do I take to each city?  Is Eurail the best option?  Is luggage acceptable and/or added cost? How soon shall I make the train reservations? What is considered reasonable train fare? Appreciate any information you can provide.



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I wouldn’t get a pass. Reservations are mandatory on most Spanish trains and cost extra. They are also not always available online (annoying).

Check prices on (the Spanish state railway). There are also competitors on Madrid - Alicante. October won’t be available for a long time but check January - February prices and schedules.

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I’d recommend you start by having a look through this page. It’s a really useful summary of the train types in Spain and how to book.

You can also have a look at this map, which shows most of the major train lines

As a rough guide, you can expect Madrid to Alicante to start at about €15-20 for standard class, if you book in advance. Double that for first class.

Baggage is not really an issue unless you travel on the low cost operator Ouigo.

You can look up train schedules and prices on or . Search for a date in January or February, as @thibcabe suggests, and assume things won’t change much.



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Baggage is not really an issue unless you travel on the low cost operator Ouigo.

Do take into account that you have to carry your own luggage. There is no checked-in luggage on trains.