Travelling by train and bike (and intermediate ship) in Norway

  • 14 March 2022
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Hello, we both want to travel at the end of May from Heidelberg/Germany carrying our E-bikes in the train to Copenhagen, visit the capital of Denmark. Then take the ferry to Oslo, visit the capital of Norway two days, then take the Bergensbanen to Bergen. 
After a couple of days there, looking around by bikes too, we’re going by ship (Hurtigruten) to Trondheim. After sightseeing at this interesting town, we ride a bike tour to Steinkjer.In Steinkjer we want to take the train to the town of Mosjoen northbound. Then once more the bike to northern Helgelands-Coast until the harbour of Oernes, where the Hurtigruten ship will pick us and bring to Stamsund/ Lofots. There we stay about a week, discovering these wonderful archipelago by bike. 
Then back to Bodoe by ferry and from Bodoe by the Night train southbound to Trondheim. Next day Trondheim-Oslo by train and after one day visit again in the capital  back over Copenhagen ( Ferry) to Heidelberg.

Our questions: how is the transportation of ( more heavy) E-Bikes with bike bags by train on all these trains? ( Bergensbanen, train to the north between Steinkjer and Mosjoen and Night Train back to the South) We would take interrail global passes for 7 days and make reservations including the bikes for all the trains. Hope to get more information Brigitte and Ulrich 


3 replies

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Thats very hard to answer. What ticket you use for yourself hardly matters. You have to inform yourself about IF and if yes, HOW these carriers will accept e-bikes. Its a fairly new thing so the sparse info on it is mostly for old-style normal Fahrräder. Should be easy to check sites of hurtigruter-boats and VY/EnTur for NO-trains. You can find all the carriers easy on - travelplanner.

As a very general broad rule it is usually possible  or at least easy to take bikes on local/regional trains but for the IC/Fast trains its often much harder and will involve at least making REServ for it-as you probably know for the iCE in DE from DB.

I am dutch-a rather bike-friendly country, but even  here this info is utter hard to find-there is a specialist forum (like this one for trainriders) for fietsers=Fahrradfahrer where people exchange this info. I think DE also has a kind of such an organistaion-that would  be best to try.

Thanks a lot for the quick answer. With Hurtigruten I had mail-contact and there is no problem with the E-Bikes. 

Some Deutsche Bahn ICE and IC Trains to and from Copenhagen are able to carry E-Bikes as well,  so you have to reservate . The most important thing to clear is  if we can take Bergensbanen with the E-Bikes. From Bergen we have options also by ship and later vom Trondheim also. I’ll share the results .We hear again…    

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Here is information about how you do to bring your bike on the train in Norway.