Trip Switzerland to Lyon, France website vs app?

  • 13 February 2024
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Hello. My teen is traveling solo in Europe and has a Eurail Global pass. Their first day of travel is coming up, and the website says there’s a train leaving Orsieres, Switzerland at 13:44, no seat reservation required.  The SBB website confirms this.  But when my teen looks on the app, they can only see trains leaving one hour before and one hour after.  Help please?

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4 replies

Changing the filters fixed it.  Thank you so much for your knowledge and assistance!

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Go into the filters of the app and set the minimum connection time to 1 minute. Or enter the trains separately. In any case, the 2-minute connection in Sembrancher works.

Thank you so much! I will ask them to try this.

That’s because there is just 2 minutes to change trains in Sembrancher.

That’s enough in Switzerland but the app thinks it has to be more. There’s a minimum connection time of 5 minutes in the app even if it’s less in reality.

If you do search for every single train you’ll see the trains are in the app, too. It’s also possible to change the minimum connection time in the app from 5 minutes (preset) to 1 minute and then you’ll get this connection, too (use “filter”).

So the SBB website is correct. It’s possible to go at 13.44.