Unable to reserve seats London to Amsterdam

  • 20 April 2024
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Hi all,


I am looking for help. My partner and I booked a 2-month eurail pass but were lazy in reserving seats for our upcoming trip. We finally got around to it and are apparently unable to reserve seats for a London to Amsterdam trip next week as well as an Amsterdam to Paris trip the week after.


If anyone has any tips or options onto how we are able to reserve a couple of seats it would be much appreciated. Is it possible to reserve seats at the station on the day? Any other tips would be very useful!


Thank you


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Thank you both very much! We’ve sorted out our train to Paris using that route and flying to via Cologne to get to Amsterdam.


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- IC Antwerpen-Centraal - Kortrijk - Lille-Flandres 10:36 - 12:51


AFAIK the Antwerpen Centraal Lille Flandres IC is not sold as direct and you would need to add the two trains on your trip, but it is the same train, just seat at the rear and your car will continue onwards to Lille without the need for you to change trains

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You did your research well, in that everything is sold out. There are no trains available at all between London and mainland Europe on 26th: there is a train on 27th and two on 25th.

I'd seriously consider this option:

A great way to cross the North Sea. 30% discount with Eurail (add EURAIL2024 as a promo code on the Stena Line website).

For Amsterdam - Paris the best option would be something like this:

- IC Amsterdam Centraal - Antwerpen-Centraal 08:25 - 10:16

- IC Antwerpen-Centraal - Kortrijk - Lille-Flandres 10:36 - 12:51

- TGV Lille-Flandres - Paris-Nord 13:12 - 14:14 10€ pp

Earlier and later departures available too. The first two trains are reservation-free.

Questions welcome.

Thank you for your response!

We are planning to go from London to Amsterdam on 26 April and Amsterdam to Paris on 1 May.

I haven’t been able to find anything less than 400 euro so any help would be greatly appreciated

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Eurostar services have a passholder quota (unique in Europe). They are also very popular so it's not unknown that these trains sell out weeks in advance.

What are your exact travel dates? You can check availability on Rail Europe (desktop version, click on add railpass) but I'll gladly have a look too.

Prices should be 35€ per person for London - Amsterdam, 30€ for London - Brussels.

Hopefully we'll find a solution. The rest is much easier, don't worry. There are still multiple holiday weekends in May so you should plan ahead for trains requiring reservations.

There are dozens of alternatives for Amsterdam - Paris so the main issue is really the London one.