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  • 17 January 2024
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Hello! My husband and I will be travelling to Italy next year and we only have about 13 days and I would like to visit the following places: Milan for 2 days (The city we will fly in and out of), Venice- for 3 nights, Florence - 1 night, Rome - 2 nights, Naples - 4 nights and then back to Milan.

I’m very overwhelmed with the Euro train system as we don't have anything like this where I’m from. Is there anyone who can advise what type of pass I will need (I would like to take advantage of the high-speed trains to have more time in each location), how to reserve and any other helpful tips. 


Do you have any other suggestions that might make this trip more relaxing or better via travel? I’m open to ideas, I just heard that Europe has a fantastic public transit system.


First time in Europe and I really want to make the most of it!


Thank you !!


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As you travel just in Italy and wanna use Highspeed trains you may use the Trenitaliapass (Instead of Eurail Italypass) The trenitaliapass works per ride but includes reservations while the Eurailpass works like a dayticket and you need Reservations on top of the Eurailpass (13€ per person/seat) 

If you have fixed dates and doesnt want any flexibility you may even end cheaper with Advancefares of the Italian Railcompanies (On the mainlines you have 2 operators :) Trenitalia (State Owned and usefull when you travel on regional routes but they even offer a superb Highspeed experience) or NTV Italo (the second Highspeed operator in Italy on mainlines like your mention routes) 

What is finally the best depends on your preference (save money, flexibility) 
In general Advancefares are the cheapeast option but often not refundable or exchangeable 

A railpass like the Eurailpass = a mix of flexibility and saveing money 
The Trenitaliapass (is even more flexible than the Eurailpass).

I recommend to watch few tripreviews of the “FrecciaRossa” Trenitalias Highspeed service and Italo the private highspeed service to find out which trains you finally wanna catch.


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High Speed trains in an Italy are great. On time, comfortable and very frequent. 

As @seewulf says, there are a few options that might suit you. A Eurail Pass, a Trenitalia pass, or just buying individual tickets - especially if you are happy to lock your travel in early for a good price.

What dates will you be travelling? You can look up individual train times and prices on - all in English.

Those are all very easy trips, with fast good quality trains.

As an example, Milan to Venice is about 2.5 hours. You could buy a ticket for tomorrow for about €55, or in a months time for €17.50. That’s likely to be better value than a rail pass, if you don’t mind booking in advance. And it still comes with some flexibility to change plans.

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I’ve done a quick check.

The cheapest Eurail Italy pass would be ‘5 days in 1 month’, costing €228, plus €13 reservation fee for each fast train.

If you bought a Trenitalia railpass, you’d be looking at €246 (with no reservation fees) for a ‘7 trip in 15 days’ pass.

In both cases, I think you’d be much better off just buying tickets instead. It’s also simpler!