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  • 1 August 2022
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To access first class lounges in Austria do you just need to show your first class interrail pass, or do you need to have a train seat reservation for the day in question? I was planning some day trips to Innsbruck and Salzburg using local trains on my 1st class Interrail pass, so would not be making any seat reservations for those days, but would like to make use of the lounges for refreshments if they are accessible.  

2 replies

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As reservations are not compulsory on most OBB trains then no, you do not need a reservation. You may on entering be asked which OBB train you are taking though.

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Note-for money savers-and being able to speak german: OeBB also has in all main towns a staff-bistro/restrt, where the general public is also welcome-they have to pay unsubsidized higher prices, but still fairly cheap. Like a set 3-course lunch deal for less as 10€. Find them on google (OeBb personals bistro). After GB these lounges are best value in EUR-though during covid the offer was limited-I guess this is now also back to normal.