What documents do I need to complete for travel?

I am travelling to France, Italy and Greece (with a short changeover in Switzerland) and have been using the Gov.uk website to check the entry requirements of my destinations and which documents and forms I need to have for travel. Italy and Greece seem to have minimal entry requirements whereas France seems to require a health pass and an EUPLF. 
The health pass is fulfilled with proof of covid vaccination which I can provide. But I am still confused about the PLF, do I need to fill it out if I am travelling by train because information on some websites suggests it’s only required for air travel but I have found other websites saying it is needed for all travel? I’m also not certain on whether I need to complete it right now, or if I would get the chance to fill it out as and when it’s required.
Can somebody help me figure out what the requirements are please?! 
(and if there are any other forms for me to fill out prior to travelling to ensure a smooth crossing then please let me know!)

Thanks for reading!

rvdborgt 1 year ago

Please check reopen.europa.eu.

Also keep in mind that requirements can change and with little notice.

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Please check reopen.europa.eu.

Also keep in mind that requirements can change and with little notice.

Brilliant! Thank you for your reply :-) I’ll have a look now!

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AFAIK the ONLY remaining country to still want PLF & all that WAS Italy and they have scrapped this since 1/6. A better general forum like tripadvisor usually has the best readable info on these rules.

AnOTHER thing is that f.e. in IT and some other countries (notably DE and AT) you still have to wear masks all the time IN train/bus-and they do check that and threaten with police and fines if you do not or tell them ´were brit and do not need to anymore´.

FRance has scrapped all rules since at least 1 month ago.

I guess that Uk of yours is now also unable to keep track of all the ever changing rules or simply do not want to-or maybe want you to stay in the country by fear of loosing too much income?

Ah okay, thank you for your confirmation on the mandatory masks! Maybe you’re right and the Gov.uk website is a bit behind on it's updates of the French requirements. I’ll take your advice and have a look at what tripadvisor suggests :-).