Wheelchair users- using high speed trains

  • 6 June 2022
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Do many people in wheelchairs use the high speed trains in Europe?

Are their power lifts/?

Are the washrooms accessible on the trains?


3 replies

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That depends a lot on the countries and trains. There is no general answer, although there should at least be one accessible toilet on a train.

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By a kind of EU-law trains MUST be accessible to anyone-also with handicap. However, there is an exception that older trainsets do not need a costly rebuilt if they were bought 20 yrs ago without it. The other planners (best is bahn.com for overall, far best is of course always that of country/railway concerned) should give details. BUT in many countries you have to call for assistence and this has to be done 24/48 or whatever hrs advance and confirmed. The real modern trains are same level as pletform and can thus be accessed without help. Does ot really matter if its hi-speed or not.

Most western countries have some kind of club/association for people in same situation and these will be better informed.

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If you are planning on travelling with a wheelchair and you need to sit in the chair on the train you need to, at least in Sweden, to make sure that such a space is available on the train you plan to take and that you book assistance to get on/off the train.

Here is information from Interrail/Eurail on how to book assistance: