Wifi connection Frecciarossa

  • 15 July 2022
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I am now on a frecciarossa, in business class.

'fast wifi'... my phone finds a network which disconnects every 6 seconds, my tablet doesn't even find it…


Anyone any idea, is frecciarossa networks just bad quality? Or not lucky on this particular train. Quite disappointing when one wants to get some work done 




7 replies

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it depends also from the network in that area where you are travelling, but also is a technical problem of the wifi in the train possible.

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Well, for those reading this: don't expect too much from service on frecciarossa. First class ('business class') Milano to torino

No wifi and I received a warm sparkling wine as welcome drink. No water




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It is more than in the most other first classes in Europe. In most of them, you get nothing. Most of the time a ok working Wi-Fi. 

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How interesting Angelo that you are comparing to other countries:I haven't seen any 'business class' in other countries. But, Who do you work for?


I don't care what other countries first class is like. If you pay for a business class train with a business class tarif, and a business wifi service is there, it should work. People pay for this class so they can work.

And a warm sparkling wine is not better than nothing, it's worse.

I'll send it to you if you like.

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O dear-reminds me on my time in the travel-bisnes-asp. with these high-brow beezness people. Forgotten their time when they worked as trainee. And the training we got in how to fob them off.

In all railways expect around 10% of all trips to show some defects-and 1-2% to be disastrous-cancelled, noshow, whatever. This varies a little between the various state-borcratic-railways that EUR has.

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Now in another frecciarossa, delayed ab 45 minutes, making the IC train (no delay there) actually faster.

Then there was a barking dog, in business class. A lot of fun for a 4 hour ride 😅, luckily I found a seat in the other compartment 


People: after having then 4 of them the past week: business class frecciarossa is not worth it, getting a first class Interail pass. 


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Business class is the first class of Trenitalia on Frecciarossa. Executive Class is First class +. Standard is second class. Premium is second+.

I'm a student, I'm not an employee of Trenitalia or Eurail.