X-ray at night trains from Paris Austerlitz?

  • 20 March 2024
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This summer I will travel from Paris (Austerlitz) to Pau with SNCF’s night train. I have just read this article about the French “Intercités de Nuit”:

It says that there is an X-ray check at the station i Paris (I assume that is the Austerlitz station) and that passengers are advised to arrive at the station at least 30 min. before departure.

I can not find anything about X-ray checks at Austerlitz anywhere else than this Raileurope article. The only time I have heard about X-ray at train stations is for Eurostar trains and Spanish trains. There might also be an X-ray machine by the luggage storage, but that is another thing. 

Can anyone confirm or refute that there will be an X-ray check at Austerlitz station for night train departures? 

My issue is that I will bring a backpack with camping equipment (for hiking in the Pyrenees), that may or may not give me some trouble. But the article does not mention what they are checking for.

Palle Dam


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I'm not aware of any X-ray checks there. There may be ticket gates.

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There is absolutely no X-ray checks, and no ticket gates either. Every one has their ticket/reservation scanned by staff before accessing the platform