Adding complete journey on the App or leg by leg

  • 20 September 2023
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Hi, me and my husband will start our trip from Gothenburg to Hamburg. Should we activate the whole trip as one journey? If we do, what happens if we miss a transfer? If we eg miss our activated journey from Copenhagen to Hamburg and have to take the next train? How do we activate a new journey when we already have one that we missed?

How does it work?



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I always add each train separately in the planner, and add the ‘backup’ trains too - both in case I need them, and to remind me what Plan B is. You don’t have to activate until you’re about to board each one.

You can continue to edit the journeys as you go - even if they’re in the past.

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Here's an example from when I had to replan when the 1421 from Aachen was cancelled earlier this year on my journey from Düsseldorf to Bruges.

(You will see I ignored my own advice that time!)

I just added the later train to my diary, and left the original one greyed-out to remind me to claim my delay compensation.