• 15 July 2023
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Hi, I have just turned 70 and want to travel in Europe by rail. In recent years I have either driven from the North East of England or used planes. I am considering a month europass for me and my wife, I want to travel from N.E. England and use Eurostar and onward rail travel to Southern Italy. I like the idea of the hop on hop off flexibility. I need some advice on this plan and any possible pitfalls. I want to use fast long distance trains for some of the journeys. Any advice and guidance would be great. Thanks Brian

1 reply

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Sure you can buy a pass, great idea !

Keep in mind that you can only use it for 2 days in your own country. This means that you need to take the Eurostar the same day you leave your home.

Please note that Eurostar has a limited quota for passholders (30€ seat reservation) and it can sell out well in advance, especially from London to Paris. When would you like to travel ?

You need to add mandatory seat reservations on fast/high-speed trains in France and in Italy. This reduces a bit flexibility. Have a look at this helpful page :

Last-minute availability is not a problem in Italy as trains run frequently. Except Eurostar there are always reservation-free alternatives.

You could also have a look at 1st class passes, they do not cost much more.

Do not hesitate for questions :)