Amsterdam to Bruxelles-Midi

  • 1 August 2023
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1. I saved the train from Amsterdam Central to Bruxelles-Midi on Aug 6, but it doesn't show up now when I try to reserve a seat. The train is IC 92322, is this train canceled by any chance? Or is it scheduled to run as it is?
2. Does the above-mentioned train description show "Supplement required" and there is an additional charge? How much happens if it happens?


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4 replies

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You mean IC 9232.

There is work on the line this train takes on that day and it is starting short from Rotterdam Centraal.

If your Planner is not showing this then it is not up to date, download the latest version from your app store.

It is always better to use planners from railway companies as they have more up to date times that account for late changes that the Eurail planner can not.

The planner or app from DB - is a good one for much of Europe

While the train you want is not running in full you can get a connecting train from Amsterdam but at an earlier time.

IC trains on this route and in Netherlands in general do not have reservations and there is nothing extra to be paid.


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That supplement thing is wrong information in the app, travellers with a valid international ticket (= Interrail/Eurail pass) do not have to pay this, rest assured.

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Both 1. and 2. are an indication that your app is outdated. Check for updates.