Any advice on route please?

I’m travelling with my husband this summer on our first interail trip. We travel from London to Paris (5 nights in Paris for the Olympics), then train to Grenoble where we first met (2 nights), then train to Zermatt (1 night), then Glacier Express to St Moritz (booked). We have a 7 day pass and are not sure where to go next from St Moritz. Ideally we’d like a few days of relaxation somewhere, Any ideas please?


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Have you already made reservations to and from Paris? It will be very busy around the Olympics.

From St Moritz, you're pretty close to Milan and the Riviera. Or the Croatian coast - further away but absolutely stunning.

Hi, yes we have Eurostar reservations to Paris.

Croatia is on our wish list so would be great if we can get there from St Moritz?

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Yes, there's a few options.

Train to Zurich, then sleeper to Zagreb

Train to Vienna, then sleeper to Split

Train to Venice then catamaran (not included in the pass) to Istria

Thank you. I’ll take a look at those options. 

I’m trying to book the overnight train from Buchs (Switzerland) to Zagreb (Croatia) on 12th August but it says tickets not available. I’m not sure if this because they’re sod out or if they are not yet released. Can anyone help please? Thank you.

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There are engineering works between Buchs SG and Feldkirch (10th August - 9th September). The night train will very likely be rerouted via St. Margrethen SG. It should stop there but otherwise you’ll have enough time to go to Zurich during the day.

Tickets/reservations will go on sale as soon as the final timetable is known. Check regularly.

Side note: since you’ll have done the Chur - St. Moritz bit with the Glacier Express I’d suggest going via Zernez/Landquart. It’s slightly faster anyway. ;)

Thank you . I’m new to this and am finding it really difficult rather than the fun it should be.

So which route would you suggest from St Moritz to Zagreb?

Thank you.

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You don’t have to plan ahead trains within Switzerland, go with the flow. :)

Trains run at least hourly and the network is extensive. Download the SBB app and start from there.

I’d definitely recommend the Zurich - Zagreb night train, which usually stops in Buchs SG. It’s the most convenient and time-effective way towards Slovenia and Croatia. The views are beautiful in the morning.

This sounds lovely. But unfortunately I think I am too late to book as I cannot find any availability on the night trains. 

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Don’t worry, you’re definitely not too late. :)

Tickets/reservations are already available from Zurich: 219€ for a double cabin with Interrail. They’re not available from Buchs SG as the train won’t stop there.

Planned departure from Zurich is 19:40 at the moment but it could be a bit earlier/later once they figure out the final timetable. There’s a little notice on while booking.

(Zurich - Graz would be a bit cheaper at 139€)

I’m sorry for all the questions.  I can’t find the €219 price. Do you think the Interrail tickets have sold out?


I’ve found the €219 fare now for a double cabin. I had to go to the ÖBB website to find it.  Now booked. Thank you so much for your help.

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Badge +5 is simply unreliable, confusing and often wrong. It’s infrequently updated too.

Please always book through the railway company and follow the guide here: is the way to go for this journey (add Interrail as a discount).

EDIT: glad it worked!