Bergen to Oslo S trains "sold out after 17 October 2023"?

  • 25 August 2023
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Was able to reserve Oslo S to Bergen trains seats on 13 October 2023.

Also tried to reserve seats on the Bergen to Oslo S train for 17 October 2023 but unable to do so. shows all trains after 15 October 2023 as being sold out.

Email to says 3 weeks answer delay so no timely help there!

Any ideas on what’s going on? Should I book a flight instead now or wait?



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Booking a flight would make you miss all the good scenery, not a good idea.

No worries, booking is just not open yet. Maybe some uncertainty in the planning because of engineering works. Not a big deal. Wait a couple of days, couple of weeks and you’ll be able to buy a seat reservation. That time of year the trains aren’t busy anyway, no worries. You’ll probably be able to get seat reservations on the day of your departure even. Weekday long-distance trains during the year are never busy.

thank you.

i'll hang in as you suggest (& try very hard not to worry)

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Here's what I've found on :


16/10/2023 - 19/10/2023

Bane NOR is carrying out work on the line between Bergen-Voss from Monday 16. October at 06:00 until Thursday 19. October at 05:00. The line will be closed to train services and we will organise alternative transport.

I guess the bus timetable hasn't been finalised yet.

thank you.

i did look at the website but obviosly didn't see the above.

could ypu send me the specific url please?

do you know if the bus alternative will allow me to use the eurail pass?

your replynto my question is really appreciated

since writing the above i've found the work notice on

i also see that bergen to voss by trsin is 1:13 travel time.

will vy provide a bus for this portion of the journey which connects to a train for the voss to oslo part of the trip or will it be a bus all the way?

the bus-train alternative would seem sensible.

any ideas on what is most likely?

there's always a plane ::(


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It will most definitely be a bus between Bergen and Voss only. Expect a little bit longer journey though (maybe 1h45-2h) so the bus will leave Bergen earlier than the train (timetable to be posted).

Your Eurail Pass is valid on rail replacement buses, don't worry.

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Bus will connected with the train in Voss. Connections will be guaranteed.

This bus will be included in your ticket, it just might leave a bit earlier than the train.

As said before, taking the plane means you’ll miss out on one of the most impressive landscapes you can see out of a train window in the world.

The route the buss will take, will also offer very impressive alongside the fjords in the Norwegian Vestlandet. Even with a bit less tunnels than the train ;)

Really no need to stress about this. In a couple of days/weeks the schedule will be uploaded and it’ll say what the best option will be. It’s always very properly managed, clearly signposted and all included in your pass. The only thing you’ll have to do is to sit back in the chair and enjoy the views in the bus and the train.

Don’t forget to reserve your seats for that train on once bookings open.

Thanks guys

This community is wonderful because of people like the responders to my question.

Greatly appreciated 👍