bologna to Lyon “not in pass”

  • 10 June 2023
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How come when I select a route from Bologna to Lyon, it says not in pass network? I have attached a screenshot

Would rly appreciate some clarification as this route would save alot of time and money, thanks!



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No you cannot take this route with a pass. Frecciarossa doesn't accept Interrail/Eurail on their trains to France.

Alternative : TGV to Chambéry (30€) and TER to Lyon. However check if it is not sold out, it likely is. This route still seems possible :

- Frecciarossa Bologna Centrale - Torino Porta Susa 14:36 - 15:49 13€

- TGV Torino Porta Susa - Chambéry 17:30 - 20:14 30€ (almost full)

- TER Chambéry - Lyon Part-Dieu 20:44 - 22:10

I'd consider travelling via Switzerland. Not much longer and way cheaper (or even reservation-free from Milan but it's a bit long).

I'll post a timetable example for tomorrow. I guess you'd like to leave around midday ?

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There are some trains where the pass is not valid and you found one. You can exclude them with the filter.


Hi, thank you so much for the clarification! Yes, i think we will leave before noon in that case..

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Here would be a cheaper route via Switzerland :

- Frecciarossa Bologna Centrale - Milano Centrale 10:56 - 12:00 or 11:36 - 12:50 13€ seat through (see later)

- EC Milano Centrale - Geneva 13:05 - 17:21 10€ seat reservation for Milano - Domodossola through : add Eurail as a discount and select one-way tickets. You then stay on your seats to Geneva (optional reservation)

- time to walk around Geneva for a while (go to the lake)

- TER Geneva - Lyon-Part Dieu 19:14 - 21:22 reservation not possible

ÖBB is the best place to book as there are no booking fees