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  • 8 July 2024
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I have purchased a 1 month 6 day pass.  I will activate it on July 25 and I would like to book my final ticket on August 24 however, it won’t allow me to book.   It says my pass in invalid.  I wrote to Eurail and was informed my pass was valid to midnight on the 24th.  Could anyone please advise me what to do.

thanks in advance,



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At what time does your train leave/arrive? Which route will you be taking the last day? Otherwise its a bit difficult to answer this question, the more details the better. Normally it your pass should be valid, since it’s the last day of the validity.

We hope to take the train from Tours to Paris in the morning.  So shouldn’t be a problem vis a vis midnight expiration.

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Where are you booking, Eurail itself?

There are alternatives for reservations:

You can also use other websites like

or (click add rail pass, and select the one you have).

Best book multiple reservation on these websites, since they ask a small booking fee (but less than Eurail if you make multiple reservations :) )


Maybe it’s an issue with timezones, that it doesn’t let you book the right reservations on that day.

Thanks Brendan…..I will try one of those and hope for the best!  😊 

 Hi Brendan,


I tried both websites you offered up.  The latter didn’t work for me but the first one did!  However, by the time I gave them all the info and tried to pay for the seat reservation with my visa, my good luck ended.  Unfortunately my Canadian visa wants a security code they send to your phone.  I have a French SIM card while we are here and of course it isn’t my normal number so I couldn’t receive the code.  😢 

I am going to try to to stop into the train station here in Bordeaux and see if they can help me.  Not sure they know/care about Eurail customers!

Wish me luck!!


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Yes, any main French station ticket office should be able to sell you a passholder reservation. You can also get them on the white ticket machines.

Alternately you can take the slower reservation free TER trains, direct ones for Paris depart Tours at 08.59 and 11.11.

Good morning Brendan.,


Good news….we have 2 tickets to Paris!!!  And thank you Al_G for your advice about the station.  We did go to the station and the lady suggested I put my Canadian SIM card back in my phone in order to receive my bank passcode to authorize the purchase of tickets.

Yay…it worked!


Thank to both of you.  We really appreciate it!

Ellen 🇨🇦