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  • 30 July 2023
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Hello everyone,

I am trying to book a reservation between Hamburg and Copenhagen unfortunately it is not working for any train that I am trying to book. I have to pay 8€ for the sit reservation. I would like to book it for the 6th of August but there is a message of error and all the trains have the same message.

So the question is, Am I too early to book the ticket or is too late and I have to find another way (bus) ? 

Thank you advance for any anwers,





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It's possible to book here (there's availabilty, but not for every train): or

First one easier, second one cheaper.

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Which train ? It is possible that it is sold out as it's a very popular route but you should find other trains during the day.

Check availability here : (click on the price and wait until it says whether it is sold out or not)

Then buy it on for 73 CZK (3€). It's cheaper than anywhere else.

If you have other questions, mention the train you're looking at and we'll have a look.

There are always reservation-free alternatives :

- RE Hamburg - Flensburg

- IC Flensburg - Fredericia - Copemhagen (reservation optional but recommended, 4.90€ for the journey on

Thank you very much to both of you taking the time to answer. 

It worked with the link


I had an over question because you seem expert. 

Is possible as a French person to book a ticket from Paris to Bordeaux with interrail pass ? 

Thank you in advance,


You are allowed to use a global pass on two days also in your country of residence (but these are no additional travel days).

So it doesn't matter if you're french, it's your country of residence that does count. 

If you do live in France and you didn't use your inbound/outbound days already (or you do need them to leave your country and / or to come back), it's also possible to go from Paris to Bordeaux.

But be aware that this will take one your two days on which you are allowed to travel in your homecountry.

Normally, you do use them to start your trip and to come back.