Bought pass (France). Useless... cant get reservations... to any location... on any day I try (2 weeks ahead)

  • 30 July 2023
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How do I deactivate the pass? How can I get my money back.

Haven't been able to use it. I see that the train has seats at E26… once I click on it, the fee becomes E48.. and when I proceed to validate and pay… invariably reads “Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later or find another connection. This connection will be removed from your cart.”


I am so frustrated with EURAIL… waste of money and waste of precious time


I want my money back. or a solution that works. Please help.


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For domestic journeys in France (that's what you"ve asked for), you may reserve jour trips here, too:

Even key routes are available for today, so I think there has just been an error with Eurail's reservation system.

To consider: You are just able to do a reservation for trains that need a reservation (TGV, IC) and for which a reservation is possible. 

If a station / connection is served by regional trains (TER) for which a reservation is not needed / possible, it won't be shown. So it's a good idea to have a look a the timetable before trying to book - there may be more options. 

If it doesn't work for a specific connection, you may also ask here before you get frustrated. Of course it's possible that trains are full. But then it's really sold out and not just for rail pass holders. But that won't happen two weeks before for every train / location.

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What route, date and time are you trying to make reservations for?