Can't find any trains that match ...

  • 5 June 2023
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I would like to book trains to go from Paris to Kolari (Finland).

The planner answers “Can’t find any trains ...”

It looks weird because on the map download from the Interrail website, I can find the way.

Do I have to use an other website (Finland or Sweden Railway Companies websites ?)

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2 replies

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If you’re planning too long stretches, most planners will go loco. Best split it up.

The best planner is that of . in Sweden (which you can use to reserve trains in Sweden)

The pass gives you immense flexibility, so depends which countries you’lld like to see under the way. You’ll basically pass half of Europe when travelling from Paris to Finland.

I’lld suggest sticking together following routes for the most straighforward path to Kolari:

Paris-Hamburg Hamburg-Copenhagen; Copenhagen- Stockholm, Stockholm-Haparanda, Haparanda-Kolari. If there’s no good train connection between Haparanda and Finland, just go on foot from Haparanda station to Tornio, it’s just across the river.

Thank you very much Brendan