Chambery to Turin, currently no direct trip currently avaialable?

  • 1 March 2024
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Last year we travelled from Chambery Challes Les Eaux to Turin which was straight forward and took about 2 hours 40 minutes.

Now when I try to plan another journey for later this year I get this crazy journey of 8 hours via Geneva and Brig (or others via Annecy) but none as straightforward as previously.

Any thoughts please? When I put in a June date (when I will want to go) it says no tickets but if I try an earlier date in April or today, I get the above. I am hoping that in the winter, the route is not avaialable but come the summer the direct route will be available? Does anyone know anything about this please? Thank you.


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There was a landslide last year, blocking the route. Repairs are ongoing, but more difficult than expected.

I think there are replacement busses, in place. But not sure, someone else might now better.


Many thanks Brendan. That would explain it and makes perfect sense. OK I will check that out.

Thank you. :o)

Looks like it will be shut for a while.

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Yes it is closed until further notice.

There is a daily Paris - Milan TGV with replacement bus in the middle (30€ reservation on top of the pass). Timetables for June not published yet, right now it runs in the afternoon.

Your best option is likely a Flixbus unless you fancy the large detour. Faster, cheaper and more options.

Thank you thibcabe for your response. Good call about the bus; I used the balhblah bus one time last year and it was very good. However, I think I will just head all the way to the French coast, Marsailles or Nice, from Paris and work our way eastwards towards Tuscany. Good excuse to visit the south of France. :o) Many thnaks for your thoughts.