DESPERATE - cant book seat reservation? :(

  • 11 April 2024
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Hi! Does anyone know if there’s a problem with the website right now?
I’ve been trying to buy train reservations for the past week but I am not able to press the button "continue to traveler details”, or if I get through to the next page where I put in our birth city’s, I then can’t click past to “proceed with payment.” 
It just won’t let me click the button to proceed further.
I’ve tried everything - Eurail website on: iPhone, laptop on safari, laptop on chrome, cleared cache, tried on my friends phones & laptops, tried different times of the day, tried to book 1 train instead of multiple.. 

I need to make a reservation for 13 trains for our Europe trip, for late June-July. I filled in my name, address etc. but I can't buy them… we leave in 8 weeks, some of our trains are nearly fully booked out, and I’m stressing out 😔

I’ve reached out to the chat bot & to support and I’m waiting to hear back. 

Is the website down??? Or how can I buy these seat reservations. We have a 1st class pass.

please someone help 😭


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The Eurail website is notoriously unreliable, confusing and it adds 2€ fee per person per train.

Try booking elsewhere using this guide :

For further questions, mention route and travel date.

Btw it would be very surprising that trains are full 3 months in advance. They might not be on sale yet depending on where you're travelling.

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Where will you be travelling? There are often much better and cheaper places than the Eurail website to make reservations.