Discrepancies between app and website

  • 7 April 2024
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Hi community,


I planned and read a lot with/about Interrail in the last weeks, but there are two major things which aren’t clear for me or at least are some strange discrepancies.


  1. Why is it not possible to use my Interrail log in for the app? I planned a journey in the app which doesn’t show on the website. A planned journey on the website (for testing purposes) doesn’t show in the app.
  1. Part of my planned journey on August 7th is ICE 16 from Cologne to Bruxelles, departure 11:42. It showed in the app and I saved it, so the connection definitely exists. But if I try to book a seat in the train on the website, the connection doesn’t even show anymore. There are suddenly only journeys with the much more expensive Eurostar.


I also discovered many small things which aren’t working properly and honestly I have a little doubt to spend so much money on a global pass if I can’t trust it fully.


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The app and the website aren’t connected like that. There’s no login that carries planned journeys from one to another. 

in fact, I would not use either for planning your trips. Use a website such as, where the timetables are much more up to date and the search is better. You can then add the journeys to your app once you’ve decided.

2 Indeed Eurostar and DB both operate this route, an Eurostar has a much more expensive reservation fee. Try booking this reservation on - look for seat reservation only.