Eurail Pass vs Local Passes

  • 21 June 2024
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i’m travelling around europe this year and i’m unsure of if i should invest in a eurail global pass or if it’s better to purchase the local train passes to the places i’m visiting:

  1. France (Visiting Paris, Versailles, Disneyland, Lourdes over 5 days)
  2. Switzerland (Visiting Zurich and Interlaken over 3 days)
  3. Austria (Visiting Vienna for 2 days)
  4. Italy (Visiting Rome,Florence, Milan over 8 days)
  5. Spain (Visiting Barcelona over 4 days)

which places metro/local transport system are covered by the eurail pass? and if opting for the eurail pass is a better option, which kind of pass should i get? 


your help is much appreciated!


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A Eurail pass surely will be good value for your trip, you’ll travel some large distances and in many different countries.

Which pass you take, depends a bit on the travel days (the days where you get from A to B). Best is to make a calculation from which places you visit.

Note that it’s not interesting to use a travel day for very short local trips (like Paris Versailles or Paris Disneyland), since local tickets for bus, tram, metro or local, suburban trains are very cheap. Eurail only includes mainline trains, no city busses, trams, metro’s...

Passes are really good value for longer stretches of travel, like Paris-Lourdes, Zuerich-Vienna,… Any train actually where you stay on longer than one hour.

I’lld suggest to carefully read following webpages, it’ll answer a lot of your questions and help you with how trains and Eurail passes work in Europe:

I’lld say a global pass, for 10 days in two months will probably be your best choice for a pass, enabling you to do all your travels by train. But it helps if we get insight in your full itinerary and all your planned travels to answer this properly.

We’ll gladly help with any further questions, or provide tips to avoid some expensive seat reservations that sometimes come extra with travelling with Eurail passes.

okay, i’ll be sure to look into this. thank you so much for your help!