Eurostar Confusion

  • 21 May 2024
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I’m booking a holiday with my Interrail pass, starting and returning to the UK with Eurostar. I made the bookings and now downloading the tickets from the Eurostar website, but why are the tickets showing “outbound” in both cases (instead of “outbound” and “inbound”), and why am I having to enter all the passport information twice? This doesn’t feel right and I’m worried I’ve messed something up somewhere.


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3 replies

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Nothing to worry about I think. Very normal if you booked it in two separate stages and not as a return trip. It probably sees it as two different trips.

As long as you have a seat reservation for both ways and a valid interrail pass, you’re good to go.

Thanks - it was all booked at the same time, so I don’t understand why it thinks these are two separate trips and didn’t associate the outbound with the inbound. I didn’t see any options to create the two journeys as a return trip but maybe I missed something.

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It’s not of importance anyway, a eurostar reservation has nothing to do with the inbound/outbound travel days on your pass.

Just a bit of a confusing terminology from their part. :)