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  • 17 February 2024
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My partner and I bought a Mobile 7-day Global Pass, but we feel we got the wrong pass… We figured out that we only need 3 days of train travel, hence we should have gotten the Mobile 4-day Global Pass. We already paid and reserved our seats for our trains with the 7-day pass, but we have not yet activated the pass as we are starting our trip at the end of March 2024. 

A couple questions:

  1. Can we exchange our pass from a Mobile 7-day Global Pass to a Mobile 4-day Global Pass?
  2. Although we already booked our trains with the Mobile 7-day Global Pass, if we exchange our pass to a Mobile 4-day Global Pass, will we have to rebook our trains? (we fear that if we have to re-reserve our trains, we will lose the reservations we had already made since it seems the leg of our trip from London to Paris has limited reservations available as we are traveling on Easter Monday). 

Thank you so much in advance! Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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That’s possible for a fee (15 €), here is the exchange policy: Refunds and exchanges |


Normally that’s no problem to keep the reservations because there’s no pass number on the reservation itself (you may check this).

Hello Hektor. Thanks for the reply! 

I had a look at our tickets and a leg of our trip is from Paris to Florence with Trenitalia and it seems as though those tickets have our pass number on them… However, we are taking the Eurostar train from London to Paris and it seems as though those tickets don’t have the pass number on them. 

So, worse case, I guess we could exchange our pass and cancel our reservations for our trip from Paris to Florence and rebook them with the new pass and keep our tickets from London to Paris still? 

Thanks again! 

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That works (if it's possible to cancel your reservation).

There's a chance that the pass number is not checked anyway. But of course there's a risk.

For sure. Rather than take the risk, we might just leave it as it is as we already booked our hotels, etc. and most of them are non-refundable. Therefore, we are pretty tied to a schedule. Not sure why we did what we did... but lesson learned! I guess our reasoning is that if anything happened, it would be best to have the flexibility to have more travel days then not enough. It’s our first time traveling together in Europe, by rail, and using Eurail, so we played it safe (i.e. maybe almost too safe haha). 

Thanks again for your help again, Hektor! Much appreciated.