Existing route (ticket purchased) but not referenced in the Rail Planner app

I have booked a train ticket between Venezia Mestre and Wien on a direct night train. I've printed out the ticket and know the timetable.
In the Rail Planner application, this journey is not listed (a train leaves at the same time, but it includes a change and does not arrive at the same time as the one indicated on my ticket).
Will this pose a problem in the event of an inspection?
How can I ensure that this journey appears in the application and that my pass is taken into account? Is this necessary?


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Shouldn’t be a big problem as the majority of the journey is done on the nighttrain for which you have reservations.

The app usually takes the quickest option (and night trains are usually not the quickest option). You can always add a train manually, by scrolling down in your search between stations and tapping “add it manually”

Thank you for your reply.
Can you confirm that in order for the pass to be valid and for me to be in order in the event of a check, it is absolutely necessary for the journey made to appear in the list of my journeys on the application?

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You'll have to add the journey manually. Search for your connection and there's the option below.

Otherwise the journey with a change in Salzburg (I presume) will use 2 of your pass days. You likely don't want that!

And yes all the trains you're taking must be listed on Rail Planner. You can log them at any point prior to boarding.

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You can filter the Railplanner to only show direct trains or night train. Hopefully one of those options will show your train.