Ferry's from Greece to Accona and missed connections

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Firstly thanks for answering previous questions, this forum is epic!

so we are traveling from Patras or Igoumenitsa on the 5th of June - we originally planned to get the train out of Greece to Sofia or Biograd, but alas we didn't check the latest info. 

So we have a few questions about this Journey 

  1. If we book the Ferry from Patras, but we happen to be closer to Igoumenitsa at the time of departure, can we take the Ferry from their instead? picking up the Ferry we would have been on from Patras? 
  2. if the Ferry's is late and we miss trains that we have a seat reservation for from Ancona, what happens, is there any way of getting a refund on our reservations or switching them to a later date 
  3. If a ferry delay means we can not get to London (our home) before our pass runs out, does our pass get extended to allow for this, or would we have to pay full fair home? 
  4. Finally, if we take the Ferry from Patras, currently the Interrail app is showing no train and bus connections from Athens to Patras in June, is this just because the timetable hasn't been released, or is it for some other reason? 

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I doubt if a ferry delay entitles you to any pass extension or train reservation exchange. Yo can always ask of course. But you should plan with enough margin for the connection to begin with.

You should not plan with the rail planner app, in particular not for Greece. Please check the timetables on https://www.hellenictrain.gr/en

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You likely won’t get any pass extension but the reservations in Italy usually might get changed for free (if available). At least I read such reports on German railway forums