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  • 19 February 2024
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Hi, my partner and I are traveling to Europe for our honeymoon (late july - early august, almost 3 weeks) and we like to use the 5 days - 1 month global pass this way (all estimated schedules): 

Day 1: Rome - Ljubljana
Departure at 20:20 from Rome and arrival at 8:10 in Ljubljana

Day 2: Ljubljana - Graz, Graz - Liezen and Liezen - Vienna (day trip to Admont Abbey Library)
Departure at 5:00 from Ljubljana and arrival at 8:30 in Graz
Departure at 9:45 from Graz and arrival at 11:30 in Liezen
Departure at 18:30 from Liezen and arrival at 23:00 in Vienna

Day 3: Vienna - Hallstatt
Departure at 5:00 from Vienna and arrival at 8:50 in Hallstatt

Day 4: Hallstatt - Salzburg, Salzburg - Florence, Florence - Rome (day trip to Salzburg and then a day trip to Florence)
Departure at 8:20 from Hallstatt and arrival at 11:00 in Salzburg
Departure at 22:30 from Salzburg and arrival at 6:50 in Florence

Day 5: Florence - Rome
Departure at 18:30 from Florence and arrival at 21:10 in Rome

We have already booked the stay in Rome, Ljubljana, Vienna and then Rome again, but we haven’t buy the Eurail passes yet and for the date we go I know that we have to reservate our seats so my questions are:

  1. It is posible to use the 5 days global pass the way I planned?
  2. Which is more convenient, reserving seats on the Eurail website or on the website of each railway?
  3. The schedules of these trains are accurate or they usually have delays?
  4. What seats in the Nighjets trains do you recommend?
  5. How far in advance should I reserve seats?

If you have any tip or suggestions please let me know, we are from Chile (South America) and we don’t know how use properly the pass or the train network.

By the way, sorry for my english. Thank you.



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Rome - Ljubljana : you'd have to use 2 pass days for this journey as there is a change after midnight. However better to book a separate Villach - Ljubljana ticket (cheap) rather than use a pass day.

That way a 5 day pass will be enough. :)

Note that you'll have to wait in Villach in the middle of the night, not really a pleasant experience but it's the most convenient route by far.

I don't know your exact travel dates but the Tarvisio railway (Italy - Austria) will be closed for 3 weeks in July.

Night trains are very often delayed. Otherwise it's mostly fine (except in Germany).

Night trains are very popular so you should book as soon as your dates are set and as soon as bookings are open. Couchettes are recommended over seats.

Here is a general guide for reservations :

Eurail is never the best place to book.

@thibcabe Thank you so much for the help.

We are going to Ljubljana from Rome on 29th of July, the Tarvisio railway will be working on that date?

How much delay we should expect for night trains?

Again, thank you for helping us.

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As far as I can see the works should finish on 27th July. Timetable not published yet, check back in a few weeks.

Punctuality stats can be found here :

Looks like the train was 1h late in Villach about 8 times in the last month. It should be fine and if there’s a big issue the next train to Ljubljana is 2h45 later.