Florence SMN to Pisa Centrale and back to Florence

  • 6 October 2023
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I plan to travel to Pisa Centrale from Firenzia S.M.N.and then travel back to Firenzia S.M.N. later in the same day. I understand that I will be using one travel day of my Eurail Global Pass for both journeys ( from and back to Florence) and not two travel days. Is that right?

With Rail Planner and Eurail mobile app,  will the app automatically recognise or consider journeys in a single day, same day or 24 hours period as one travel day? Is there anything different from one journey per travel day?


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You can make as many journeys as you want on your travel day. 
A travel day is a calendar day, starting and ending at midnight. There are some specialties with night trains but that is not relevant now.

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Yes, you can take as many trains as you like in a day. 

Bear in mind that you can buy a ticket for €9.30 one way/ 18.60 return, so it’s not a good use of a travel day if that’s the only journeys you will be doing.


Hi MartijnV and Ralderton,

Thank you for your advice and time. You have confirmed my understanding.

I have few spare travel days before my European trip ends, so I must as well use them. I had good discount and paid 27.93 euros per travel day.

Have a nice day.