From Navarra to northern Italy

  • 3 March 2024
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Good morning,:

I wanted to receive directions for a trip I plan to take in the summer. We live near Pamplona, Navarra, Spain. We want to go to northern Italy with the intention of seeing Venice mainly and take the opportunity to visit Verona and some other place we haven't decided on yet. I am looking at trains from Pamplona to Milan, from Zaragoza to Milan, or from Barcelona to Milan...or any town near Pamplona with a train connection to Italy, preferably without transfers, but I understand that it might be impossible, but it is proving to be very complicated. I am traveling with a person who is 70 years old. We want something simple. I have come across your website. Could you tell me if there is any way to make this trip by train?


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The only simple way (if not by plane) is to go by ferry from Barcelona to Genova.

By train it's about 24 hours with many changes from Pamplona. Barcelona to Milano would be possible as day trip (about 13 to 14 hours with changes). 

You may consider a break at Côte d’Azur when going by train. At least it's a nice journey along the coast that way.

Avion no puede ser porque mi acompañante le tiene pánico. RENFE no hace Barcelona-Milán y no se donde mirar, no he viajado mucho y cuando lo he hecho he ido en avión. No nos importa parar en la costa azul, ya he mirado alguna combinación Pamplona-Monaco, Pamplona-Marsella...pero RENFE me manda primero de Pamplona Madrid y me parece una perdida de tiempo. Dond miro el ferry? Hace tiempo mire un ferry pero tardaba como 23h...en serio es tan complicado?


09.05 Pamplona

13.09 Barcelona Sants

13.25 Barcelona Sants

17.15 Nimes

17.26 Nimes 

18.36 Marseille

18.57 Marseille

21.38 Nice Ville


09.50 Nice Ville

10.41 Ventimiglia

10.59 Ventimiglia

14.55 Milano Centrale

15.45 Milano Centrale

18.12 Venezia Santa Lucia

There are other ways to go, too. But as you may see: It’s not especially easy. An easier way with less changes may to go via Paris. But you need a break there, too and the normally direcgt train Paris - Milano has still a bus replacement in between because of a landslide.

You may use a better timetable like Trip planner - ÖBB (

For the ferry: Ferries to Sicily, Sardinia, Morocco, Tunisia, Spain and Albania | GNV (but it’s 26 to 33h).