German rail pass - travel from Munich to Salzburg / Innsbruck / Verona

  • 24 September 2023
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We are planning a trip with a German pass. We know that we can travel to Salzburg / Innsbruck / Verona on this pass, but what we’re not sure about is if we can stop at each city on the way and stay, then pick the DB train back up to carry on the journey, or if we need to return to Germany before doing the next part of the trip. 


Ideally we would like to go from Munich to Salzburg, stay overnight, move on to Innsbruck, stay there overnight, then on to Verona staying overnight, before coming back to Germany. Is this possible? 


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1 reply

There's no restriction how to use your pass.

Your trip is generally possible but as the pass is only valid on DB-ÖBB-EC from Kufstein, you need to go from Salzburg to Rosenheim and change there to a DB-ÖBB-EC to Innsbruck (you cant't use the direct trains from Salzburg to Innsbruck and you can't go from Salzburg to Innsbruck without leaving Austria).

(But if these are your only journeys and if you are going just back to München I don't know if a German rail pass is good value for your money; but maybe you are taking other jourmeys, too).