global pass - tour from my home-country at first ?

  • 27 February 2024
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Hello to you all

On black friday I bought my Next wonderful global pass. I‘m planning to use the pass for a Trip to England - starting / living in germany. The First Leaving my Country is on the pass. 
now My plan changed : I am in switzer Land for some days and I‘m thing about driving 1 day in switzerland. (!bevor! My tripp „Leaving germany“). Can I start my Trip to London starting in germany dispide it ? That‘s to say: is it necessary that my Trip leaving german is my First Trip on the pass ? 
It's complicated. I hope I have made myself clear.

I would be very happy about an answer, thank you very much in advance.
All the best



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You may travel on 2 of your pass days in your country of residence (but you don’t have to!).

These days can happen at any time, you could activate the pass in Switzerland, etc.

Make sure to get your Eurostar reservations (30€) in advance.

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Thank you so much for your quick answer. I am very happy to hear it and will Enjoy a tripp on the Train in the Snow here in switzerland on friday. 

Thanks for the reminder about the eurostar reservation.
I can buy them in the app - is that correct?



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No, the app only logs your journeys : it doesn’t guarantee you a seat. You can book on (2€ fee per person per train though) or better elsewhere. Have a look at

What exact itinerary do you have in mind until London? On which date? I’ll gladly help a bit.

Interrail is really good value in the UK : plenty of trains, (free) optional reservations and very expensive last-minute tickets otherwise.

Btw if you’ve got time you should go to the Engadin Valley for snow : they’ve just received more than a meter of fresh snow! It must be beautiful. Starting from Zurich I’d do something like : Zurich - Chur - St. Moritz - Zernez - Landquart - Zurich. Feel free to ask for advice.

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I'm currently on vacation in Samedan. Exactly as you suggested: (Cologne-Basel) then Landquart and Samedan

The amount of snow here is wonderful. Today we went   Pontressina to morteratsch. Now I would like Samedan - poschiavo by train. I am in love With Alp grüm and Lago Blanco...that's what I thought I would use the global pass for. But my global pass is valid for 2 months. That doesn't fit with London. I just discovered a regular ticket for 23 Swiss francs. That's good price.

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Trip London / England :

My main Main travel destination will be Cornwall - Talking my Folding bike With me. Then Going to Wales by Train. And and least Going to London

that´s to say:

coulogne- newquay (Cornwall) - Cardiff (Wales) - London 

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Wow you chose the perfect time to visit the region!

Yes for short journeys you can also buy tickets if you don't want to use a pass day. You might have received a guest card or something for discounts. :)

I recommend booking the Eurostar in advance, especially if you'd like to travel on weekends or around Easter. As far as I can see folding bikes are counted as luggage so you're allowed to take it onboard without further requirements.

Between Cologne and Brussels take the ICE (optional reservation 3€ -> recommended) over the expensive Eurostar/ex-Thalys.

(Don't forget your passport too!)

You could take the Night Riviera from London Paddington to Cornwall : quite convenient. However due to works it often only goes as far as Plymouth. You might stay onboard for a bit to sleep longer (I don't know the details).

Hope you have a good trip! Feel free to ask anything. :)