Greek Island Pass - must to book in chronological order?

  • 25 August 2023
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Hi everyone!


I am considering buying a 4-day Greek Island Pass for myself and my sister, but before purchasing, I would like to clarify an issue that seems to have popped up for many others. Is it or is it no longer required to book domestic ferries in chronological order? I’m seeing some conflicting information (both saying yes and no) on the forum, and wanted to see if I can clarify this.

The reason I am wondering is because I would like to start by booking a 5-day stay in Naxos during September (i.e. a return ticket) via the Hellenic Seaways website. From Naxos, I would like to make the most out of my pass and use it one day to go to Paros, and maybe to another island nearby (bringing me to 4 days in total of travelling domestically). However, I do not want to risk that by booking the return ticket online, I cannot use the pass at all during the days in between going to Naxos and leaving Naxos. We would be leaving Greece immediately after our return from Naxos, and could thus not make use of the remaining days of the pass. 


Would be very grateful for some insight on this! Thank you in advance!


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Hi @Alexandra Biris,

We can confirm that Greek island reservations with ferry companies no longer have to be booked in chronological order. The website has been updated and the PDF should be updated, too.

Have a nice day!