Has anyone gotten a response from ÖBB customer service?

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I’ve written a couple of times to them over the years and I’ve never actually had a response. Once trying to claim a delay repayment and once recently about a booking query. Neither time did I actually get anything back. Same with DB. Do they exist, can you get a response? Do they just ignore English!?

I don’t think much of the train companies in the UK, but one thing we do have is delay repay which does work really well.


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I've had contact with ÖBB customer service a few times and did get responses. Including reimbursement of fares that were too high and payment of compensation for delay.

How did you contact them? Did you use one of their online forms? That's what I did.

They're required to reply within one month, or send a holding reply and then the final reply within 3 months. Compensation for delay must be paid within one month. All per EU regulation.

If you're having trouble getting a response, you can contact the national enforcement body:

Direct link to file a complaint there:

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Yes I used the online form. Sounds like they are good when you can get to them. My last message was 13 days ago, which seems like a reasonable amount of time to me to reply, but I’ll keep waiting.