Have to make a reservation due to the rail strike in Italy

  • 24 May 2023
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The italy rail announced a trike in May 26th.

We have booked the hotel in Arezzo 25th. We originally plan to take the early train (RV train no reservation required) from Arezzo to Roma, however this train has been canceled and we have booked the flight from Roma to our homecountry. So we have to make a reservation for another train due to this strike. We are wondering if the reservation fee (the reseravation fee in italy is expensive 10euro each person) can be reimbursed in this case?


Many thanks for the help!!!


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Where did you see that the RV does not run? Normally strike information is released in Italy only on the day of the strike.


About the reservation cost, you could try to ask Trenitalia Customer Service.