Help: finding stories and experiences about the EU while Interrailing

  • 26 May 2024
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Hello everyone,

I'm Alex and I'm currently working on a screenplay for my bachelor thesis and would love to hear your exciting Interrail experiences! 🚆🌍

I'm particularly interested in two aspects:

  • Firstly, how did you perceive the EU or the European Union during your journey across Europe? Were there moments where you felt the impact of migration policies or external borders? Did your travels spark any thoughts about political issues like freedom of movement, cultural differences, or international cooperation? Anything about the EU? Maybe not the really obvious stuff like easily travelling across european borders.

  • Secondly, what were the challenges and conflicts with your travel companions? Were there moments of frustration or disagreements that nearly put your friendship at risk? How did you handle these situations?

I'm eager to hear your stories, whether they are funny, touching, or thought-provoking. Every story will greatly help me and could become an important part of my screenplay. And maybe we could write via DM's if you wish to share your story privately!

Thank you guys so much in advance, and happy travels! 🌟✈️


1 reply

I went once to scotland with interrail and what i can tell about your work is i met a girl there who helped at a moment i needed it. No interrail baby at the end. That’s all i can say